Roblox vs Minecraft (2021): Which Game Is Suitable for Kids?

Roblox and Minecraft are the two most popular games in the gaming world, especially among young ages. Both games inspire the users for creativity, imagination and share projects with others. It is a matter of debate among the players which one is better? Here, Roblox vs Minecraft 2021 is discussed.


The graphics and blocky textures are the same in both games. The two games have similarities and difference in terms of gameplay, price, platform, popularity and so on. We will discuss all of the terms.

What is Roblox

Roblox is a multiplayer gaming platform where users can create new games and others can play those games from around the world.

It has 164 million monthly active users according to the latest report published by the Roblox Corporation. We have detailed about the game on our website.

The game has two modes: create and play

  • In the create mode, players can develop their own Roblox game via Roblox studio software with Lua programming language. They can earn money from those games. Top developers are earning about 2 million dollars per year!
  • In the play mode, users can download various games developed by others and can play those games from around the world. It is a hundred per cent free to download and can be played on PC and Xbox. It has an android and iOS version.

To decorate an avatar on the game players need currency called Robux. They can earn Robux by selling cloth, game passes, Roblox affiliate programs, and Roblox premium. Here are the details about How to get free Robux.

What is Minecraft

It is a blocky structure game like Roblox. About 120 million users play the game in the world. The game has no goal and also no restriction like Roblox. 


Minecraft means mine + craft, where mine is a block used to craft anything you want. The game has 4 modes: Adventure, Creative, Hardcore and Survival. 

  • In the adventure mode, players can play maps that are created by others. 
  • Creative mode provides unlimited resources to create whatever you want.
  • In the hardcore mode, all resources will be lost that your child created because death means end.
  • In survival mode, Players need to assemble all materials to avert the bad guys.

The “mods” can be downloaded for free and used to design the Minecraft game into a new look. medieval castles, Jurassic World, and seasonal themes are included by some popular mods.

Kids can edit the source code for designing their own mods. Minecraft is available on PC, mobile, Xbox, iOS and Nintendo. 

Roblox vs Minecraft 2021

The two games are most popular among the young generation in the world. We represent detailed information on both games.


You can choose any of them by getting ideas from this info. Let's discuss the difference between them in several terms:


Minecraft is a one-time purchase game. For the Java edition, it is $26.99 and Minecraft bedrock for the Xbox is $19.99. After paying that charge players do need to spend a single amount of money.

All of the updates and patches are historically free. On the other hand, You can play Roblox for free but you need to spend real money to enjoy the full features.

The currency of Roblox is called Robux. It needs to purchase various items to decorate avatars. By creating their own content and selling them players can earn Robux.

But every person has no time and ability to create that’s why they need to purchase Robux to enjoy all features. Roblox premium is the best place for that, but it costs around $4.99 to $19.99 per month.


After releasing Minecrat’s alfa in 2009 it is available on all of the platforms like PC form of windows and Linus. It was available on Android and iOS when moving into consoles Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2012 and 2013.

In September 2013, PS4 and Xbox one arrived. For Nintendo Switch was available in 2017. Roblox started with PC, and the mobile version came in 2012 after seven years of publishing and it was the iOS version.

The Android version came in 2016.  Xbox one version arrived in 2015. But the game does not exist on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.   


In 2019, Roblox overcame Minecraft’s monthly users by having 100 million users where Minecraft’s had 91 million. There is a misunderstanding that the Roblox game after Minecraft because its popularity increased suddenly in recent years. 

But the truth is that Roblox published in 2006 where Minecraft was in 2009. Roblox is three years older than Minecraft. But Minecraft is popular since 2013 where Roblox came in trend in 2017. 


Minecraft is a single game where Roblox is a game engine. Roblox has a vast games collection created by its users. In this category, Roblox has won over Minecraft.

Users can develop their own game and earn a huge amount of real currency by selling them that is absent in Minecraft.

Roblox has a 50 million games collection created by its users. Some of the popular games of Roblox are Adopt Me, Jailbreak, MeepCity, Royale high, piggy etc. 

The original version of Minecraft has a ton of fun with the options of what to do or build. Most of the popular mod versions can be obtained for free in the Java edition. Players can defeat the Dragons, build the coolest house and amass diamonds. 


Different versions are available on Minecraft. In the PC version, because of wealth, community-created content needs a few microtransactions.

For android and consoles, you need to pay mine coins for purchasing premium “add-ons” from the dedicated marketplace.

  • The cost of a texture pack is $4 to $5.
  • The cost of Various game modes and structures is approximately $1 to $10.

On the other hand, the entire Roblox game is premium. Once you purchase then you will be able to access different game modes and player creation with the currency called Robux.


The price is increasing day by day, Game passes with $10 offers a little access to the game.

Ease of Use

Minecraft provides three levels of difficulty but provides no instructions for this. You have to learn it by playing, experimenting, exploring, watching Youtube videos and reading fan-created content.

On the other hand, Roblox offers instructions for its users. It has two modes: playing and creating. Users can play other user-created games.

For the kids who are interested in creating their own game, Roblox provides various tools and instructions for them.

Social Aspects

You can play both games on multiplayer action. Minecraft is a solo play where Roblox is social from the minute you sign in. Friends and chatting are a common part of games.

The two games provide a vast amount of user-generated contents for all ages like teens and adults.

Roblox provides a restricted mode to save kids from sexual harassment by other users. But Minecraft does not provide such a setting but you can ignore other players.


Both games provide the creativity. Minecraft uses their java programming and Roblox uses Lua programming language to develop users' own games. They also provide math solving skills, thinking skills, collaboration.

The creation of digital content is essential in the 21st century. Both games provide this facility. Roblox provides an opportunity to earn real-world currency by creating new games by using their tools. 

The Similarities between Roblox and Minecraft

Do you know the similarities between them? Let’s talk about it:

  • Both games focus on users’ creativity than the competition.
  • They have a huge resource in Youtube, Wiki and forum from where users can get ideas to enhance their creativity.
  • Millions of users played both games in the world.
  • Users can play with friends by creating their own servers.
  • They encourage users to learn and share their projects.

What is the difference between Minecraft and Roblox?

  • Roblox is Lua programming language oriented and Minecraft is java oriented program. Lua is easier than Java but Java is used more in professional programming.
  • Minecraft is a one time purchase but Roblox is a monthly subscription-based, which is more expensive than Minecraft.
  • Roblox provides security in chatting to protect kids from sexual harassment by others but Minecraft doesn’t provide such a facility. In Minecraft, you can ignore others.
  • Minecraft is a single game but Roblox is a platform of various games.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Which Game Is Suitable for Kids?

This is a tricky part. It depends on the gamers what features they want. We have discussed details about both games with the various terms comparison. Now the decision is yours which feels better to play. 


Both games are kid-friendly. Roblox has an extra security layer for users under thirteen. If price is a major factor then Minecraft is more suitable than Roblox. If the Social aspect and gameplay are a major concern then Roblox is suitable.


It is all about Roblox vs Minecraft 2021. Finally, both are popular games for gamers. Both games are best from their position. 

The Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Roblox vs Minecraft

People also asked these questions. We have tried to answer many of them.

Is Roblox or Minecraft better?

As stated before, In terms of gameplay Roblox is better than Minecraft because of the huge volume of gameplay options. In terms of price, Minecraft is more suitable than Roblox, because Roblox is a monthly subscription-based game where Minecraft is a one time purchase.

Is Roblox bigger than Minecraft?

Yes, Roblox is bigger than Minecraft as it has various games in its store.

Is Roblox a ripoff of Minecraft?

No, it is not a ripoff of Minecraft. Roblox was founded in 2006 where Minecraft in 2009. 

Is Minecraft safer than Roblox?

Predatory behaviour in chat mode is a common problem in both games. Roblox has moderators, child safety features and parental control to save from such conditions. In Minecraft, users can play with specific friends. Chatting with strangers is restricted.

Is Minecraft dangerously addictive?

Yes, it is an addictive game. Because it is a sandbox game, kids can go anywhere and can do anything they want. The game has no goals set, that's why it seems endless. 

Roblox Review 2021 and The Parents Must Need To Know (Complete Guide)

Roblox is the most popular multiplayer gaming platform in the world, especially for young players. Players can develop their own game on this platform from all over the world. This article represents all about Roblox Review 2021.

The difference of Roblox compared with other games is that all games run on community-hosted servers but Roblox runs on the servers that are hosted by community members, not created by the people who make it.


However, If you are a parent then you should know about the safe site of this game to protect your child. This article will guide you to tips to protect your child besides a brief discussion of the game.

All You Need To Know About Roblox Review 2021

This multiplayer game recently outstripped the total number of Minecraft’s users. Let’s talk about the game:

What is Roblox

It’s a gaming platform where users can create a new game by applying his/her creativity. Then users from all around the world can play these games. The kids can communicate with each other in this 3D world. 

Roblox has about 50m collections of games created by its users. The Roblox studio tools are easy to use for creating new games. Kids can apply their own creativity to create games by using these tools. 

The primary purpose is to enjoy with kids. The major benefit of this platform is acquiring basic coding and designing skills which kids can apply in the real world. It also teaches entrepreneurship.

According to the June 2018 report,

  • Roblox has about  64 million monthly users, the majority of whom are kids. 
  • The company reported that users under the age of 13 visit the platform 25.5 times a month and play the game for 51.5 hours monthly.

Roblox Studio

  • In the studio, games are coded with the programming language called Lua in an object-oriented programming system. 
  • Users can create one-time purchasable content which is known as “Game Passes” and microtransactions which more than one can be purchased known as “developer products”. 
  • The revenue earned from the products split between the Roblox corporation and developer 70-30 in favour of corp. 
  • Total 20 million games produced per year by its creator.

Roblox for parents

Item and Currency

  • In Roblox for purchasing cloth, accessories and other items to decorate avatar players need currency called Robux.
  • The purchasing facility cloth is available for all users but only the users with premium membership can sell them.
  • Only the Roblox corporation can trade accessories, gear, body parts and packages.
  • Users can earn Robux by the real currency, selling cloth, producing and selling products on Roblox. 
  • There are many scamming sites flooded on the web called giving free Robux. Actually, they are fake. 
  • Only the way mentioned above you can acquire Robux for free, there is no other way. You can read about Robux in this article.


Periodically Roblox arranges virtual and real-life events. As a convention of ordinary players of the platform, they hosted an event called BloxCon in the past. They also arrange an annual event called “Bloxy Award” and operate annual “Easter egg hunts”. 

  • The last Bloxy award held in 2020 virtually drew 600,000 viewers.
  • Annually the corporation hosts a three day Roblox developer conference in San Francisco where they invite top content creators and inform them about upcoming changes to the platform.

They also hosted similar events in Amsterdam and London. 

History of Roblox

The co-founder of this game are David Baszucki and Erik Cassel created in 2004. The previous name of Roblox was DynaBlocks. The name changed to Roblox in 2005.

  • Roblox released On September 1, 2006.
  • Became compliant with COPAA in March 2007 with the limitation of communication ability for the users under thirteen.
  • “Builders Club” released in August 2007. The game rebranded as Roblox premium in the year 2019.
  • In 2011, Roblox held its first annual event with the developers to get new ideas for the developments of the company.
  • On December 11, 2012, the iOS version released.
  • On July 16, 2014, the android version released.
  • The features block-oriented style to smooth & realistic style called “Smooth Terrain” was added on May 31, 2015.
  • On November 20, 2015, Roblox released Xbox one where Roblox staff can select 15 games initially.
  • The Windows 10 version released in June 2016. Although it was compatible with Windows when it was created in 2004.
  • Roblox updated its server technology in 2017.
  • The restriction of guest players who can play without an account had removed in November 2018.
  • The online hangout was announced in July 2020 which is called “Party Place”.

Roblox corporation permitted the game in China on December 3, 2020. 

Popular Games in Roblox

Roblox corporation has 50m games in its store which developed by its users around the world. It has some popular games mostly played by its users. The list of the popular game given below:

  • Adopt Me!
  • Jailbreak
  • MeepCity
  • Work at a Pizza Place
  • Royale High
  • Welcome to Bloxburg
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Piggy
  • Murder Mystery 2

Roblox parents review

The Hidden Dangers of Roblox

There’s no suspect that Roblox is a popular game in the world. But the game has some issues which are dangerous for your child, especially under thirteen.

  • A northern California mother described that one day she was sitting with her daughter who was playing a Roblox game on her iOS device. She shocked when glanced at the device screen. She saw that her daughter’s avatar sexually attacked by three other players.
  • A British father told the UK mirror that he received a sexually suggestive message from the stranger after logging into his son’s account. He said, “They asked me if I was a boy or girl”. “I said I am an 8 years old boy” then they said you’re so cute and sexy. Then they invite me to the virtual bedroom to performing sex acts.

Roblox has strong security setting to block outside conversation and invitations. They also have 24 hours moderators to block inappropriate content. But that’s enough to protect the children. 

Read about also Roblox vs Minecraft (2021): Which Game Is Suitable for Kids?

Roblox Review for Parents

As a parent, you need to know what type of game and with whom your children are playing on Roblox. We are describing the tips that can protect your child.

Tips for The Parents

  • Read the parents guide from here, especially the particular points.
  • At the time of the creation of an account don’t use the real name. Choose a random one, anything then real name.
  • Use real birth dates because they identify your child’s age to protect from misuse of the game. You may change the date and month but the year.
  • Enable parental control. See details below on how to enable it.
  • ConnectSafety wrote a guide on it. You can download it from the link. Which is an online safety organisation based in the United States.
  • Read the FAQ section from Roblox official website here.
  • Create an account yourself then play with your child.
  • When your child is playing the game sit with them to monitor and warn them about the danger.

How To Use Parental Control

You can enable parental control so that no one can send a message to your child in the account. How to enable parental control:

  • Log in to your child’s Roblox account.
  • Go to settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Then go to privacy.
  • From this option, you can select the contact and other settings.

What age is Roblox appropriate for?

Though Roblox did not specify the minimum age for its user, it is appropriate for 13 and 13+ children. Although Roblox has many features to restrict chat for under 13 but it’s not appropriate all time. 

Roblox Review


In this Roblox review, I have mentioned all of the pros and cons, especially the safety issue for the children. Follow all of the instructions to protect your child from dangerous issues by confirming all the security settings mentioned above.


Is Roblox safe for my child?

The game has an ESRB E10+ rating that means it’s suitable for the kids. 

Is Roblox good or bad?

Though Roblox is slightly risky for children under 13, by taking some precaution security children can play the game safely.

Is Roblox banned in China?

Recently Roblox corporation permitted the game in China.

Is Roblox a virus?

No, it is not a virus.

Why is Roblox dangerous?

It’s risky for the children because of the weak moderation system. Sometimes children sexually harassed by other players. By configuring some privacy settings your child can play it safely.

Why is Roblox banned in Jordan?

In this pandemic situation, the number of users has increased. This number led to utilizing the exploits in the game. For this exploitation, the game has been banned in many countries like Jordan.

Is Roblox getting banned in the US?

No, it’s not banned in the United States.

Best Roblox Script Executor and Roblox Exploits of 2021 To Earn Cash

If you played jailbreak on the Roblox Platform then you agree with me that it’s difficult to earn money. By which you can upgrade, buy vehicles and better gear. That’s why cheating comes to gain advantages over the players. A Roblox Script Executor can help you to cheat in Roblox. 


Cheating on Roblox is a strategy that players use to get the illegal opportunity over other players. They help you to achieve a target that seems unbelievable to gain. Suppose gaining one billion cash in Jailbreak without any cost gives you the opportunity to buy stuff with that. It is only possible with a working script executor Roblox.

However, keep reading, I will discuss the most popular Roblox executor that gives you billions in cash.

What is a Script Executor?

Script Executor is a tool that grants you to expand numerous SQL scripts on one or more destination servers with a single click of a button. You are able to run them bilaterally in the UI. You can generate a batch file via the command line, then send it to the users.

It’s not a complex work to make a script executor. Also, you are able to create complex packages with thousands of scripts. Based on their characteristics you can place them in containers, then organize the target database group and map containers to the groups.

You can read about how to earn free Robux in 2021. Read the article to know all the freeways to earn Robux for free.

What is Roblox Script Executor

Script Executor Roblox is a tool or software that can run scripts in any programming language like Lua, PHP or javascript.

Roblox Executor

Most Popular Scripts Executor for Roblox

There are many script executors available on the web. Everyone is looking to get the best script executor like you to execute the script on them. I have listed the most popular working executor. Let’s talk about those:

Synapse X

In 2021 it’s the most popular executor on the web. It can run any .lua scripts actively. It comes with most features like advanced UI, Updates and more. Also, recently it included a slew of themes that can easily bypass the security of Roblox. Though it is not free, it’s worth only $20.


If you need a free Roblox to exploit that can cheat in-game, then JJSploit is better for that. It’s one of the most popular script executors Lua programming languages supported. User-friendly interface, God mode, Fly, Speed, ESP and more features available on this.


It’s the best alternative to JJSploit. It offers the most premium features scripts executor for free. Its debug library is fantastic. It can execute super complex scripts easily like Owl Hub, Bycode conversion, Drawing library and tons of functions.


It also has some awesome features. It can exploit the Drawing library, Lua jit, run Owl hub, stable Lua wrapper and so on.


It is another popular executor that has 105 games GUI with a fantastic UI. It can run load string and use easy exploits API.

Dansploit X

One of the big exploits with 1300 games and 2400 commands.


Most secure environments are provided by this executor that’s why it’s my favourite tool. Its executing process is quite simple and offers a slew of features. After purchasing this app you will get a license key via email to activate it.

Roblox Script Executor

Other Roblox Executors

  • Sentinel
  • Sirhurt
  • Spero
  • RCM Aimbot
  • Noclip
  • Fly
  • ESP
  • Symetrics Pub
  • Infinite Jump
  • Gravity Switch
  • Slurp
  • Etc.

How To Make a Script Executor Roblox?

A Roblox executor allows you to write Lua scripts. By using Roblox API functions it interacts with the game then it’s injected and executed to the game. It’s easy to create a Roblox executor with Lua. Follow this video tutorial. I hope you will be able to make an executor after watching this tutorial.


Applying the above Roblox Script Executor you will be able to earn lots of points and money in any game of Roblox. That will give an extra advantage and facilities over your competitors. However, the exploit listed above is not maintaining a particular order. You can go through any of them.

script executor for roblox

The FAQs about Scripts Executor for Roblox

What is the best exploit for Roblox?

Synapse X is the best exploit for Roblox. They have a smooth support centre and are constantly updated.

What is the best free executor?

The best free executor is KRNL probably. Instead of wrapping, it uses bytecode conversion.

Are Roblox exploits legal?

It’s legal unless used to steal data, accord account. Otherwise, using exploit is not against the law.

Is JJSploit a virus?

No, it’s not a virus but when downloading a game from WeAreDevs at the same time you may download an exploit. That is taken as an advantage by cybercriminals to bypass your computer security weakness.